MSI Extreme Gaming Intel X99 Motherboard Review

Most gamers would agree that motherboards are not the most interesting thing in the world to shop for. After all, motherboards are really just a glorified slice of silicon at the end of the day. However, your choice of choice of board can have some far-ranging implications that affects more than just how easy your kit is to put together.

We’ve all had nightmares of a hard drive failing, or burning out our CPU or graphics cards. Even today, computer equipment is notoriously unreliable, regardless of how much you sink into your gaming rig.

The good news is that you can increase the reliability of your PC by investing in a motherboard that is designed for gaming, with MSI’s Extreme Gaming X99 being a standout example in its field.

So, what is it about the X99 that makes it such a good purchase to make? Let’s find out as we go into the specs of this gaming motherboard, as well as cover off some interesting features that you’ll definitely want to to hear about.

msi lga x99a


First of all, let’s cover off the important specifications of the X99. If you don’t know already, certain motherboards are designed to work with specific CPUs, which is determined by the board’s socket type. What this means in the case of MSI’s X99 is that you won’t be able to use AMD processors, or any other brand for that matter except for those made by Intel.

Below You Can See The Full Specs of This Board:

  • Chipset: Intel X99 Express
  • Memory: 8x DDR4-3333(OC)/ 3110/ 3000/ 2750/ 2666/ 2600/ 2400/ 2200/ 2133 DIMM Slots, Quad-Channel, Non-ECC, Unbuffered, Max Capacity up to 128GB
  • Slots: 4x PCI-Express 3.0 x16 Slots, 2x PCI-Express 2.0 x1 Slots
  • SATA: 10x SATA3 Ports, 1x SATA Express Port; M.2: 1x M.2 Port
  • Ports: 2x USB 3.1 Ports (rear), 10x USB 3.0 Ports (6 rear, 4 via headers), 6x USB 2.0 Ports (2 rear, 4 via headers), 1x PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Combo Port, 1x Optical S/PDIF Out, 1x RJ45 LAN Port, Audio I/O Jacks

If you don’t happen to be a gearhead, what the above all means is that the X99 comes with all the sockets and slots that you could possibly need to put your PC together.

The X99 weighs in at just three pounds as well, which makes it one of the most lightweight motherboards on the market.

What we liked the most about the specs for MSI’s X99 is the amount of PCI-Express ports that it comes with. With four slots, you’ll never run out of room or ideas for maximizing your gaming kit to the maximum.


In addition to providing with you with a huge amount of versatility in terms of slots and components to plug into your rig, the X99 also has a ton of features that adds to its superior value.

Killer Double Shot X-3 Pro

The Double Shot-X3 optimizes your internet connection, thus reducing latency and packet loss. The result is that your ping will be lower, allowing you to dominate the digital arena with a prowess that you have never experienced before. This feature works by prioritizing your gaming traffic over other data connections, thus squeezing as much performance as it can from your router and ISP.

Killer Wireless AC 1535

The Killer Wireless AC extends your WiFi signal, which is a much welcomed addition for gamers who are forced to use their wireless setup for gaming. You’ll be able to play, stream, and enjoy your games, all at the same time and with no interruptions.

Killer E2200 Intelligent Networking Platform

This feature from MSI is what the giants in e-sports use to ensure that their connections are as smooth as possible. Like the Double Shot X-3 Pro from MSI, the Intelligent Networking Platform works in tandem with your other gear to ensure a stutter-free gaming experience.

Boost 3 Pro Audio

The board’s excellent sound quality is thanks to its use of Nahimic Sound Technology. You’ll be able to hear crystal clear highs and growly lows, combined with an 8-channel HD Audio that works great with high impedance gaming headphones.

Conclusion: is the MSI Extreme Gaming Intel X99 worth it?

If you are putting together a gaming PC, then you should definitely consider the Intel X99 as your board of choice. There is no shortage of positive reviews that can be read about this piece of gaming gear, with hundreds of people rating it four and five stars on the majority of shopping networks.

MSI’s X99 could be the gaming motherboard you have been looking for if you want the highest performance possible at a discount price.

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