Gigabyte Z170x Gaming Motherboard Review

Gigabyte as a company has remained unchanged in the world of PC hardware. Their range of products is unique, allowing even the most casual of gamers and enthusiasts to build their dream machines. Long ago, Apple was one of the main manufacturers of motherboards, but this has now changed, with the company opting to use exclusively Intel processors for their products.

Gigabyte now stands as one of the few manufacturers of boards, mice, external water coolers, PSUs, and GPUs, which gives shoppers the flexibility to shop and change parts as they see fit.

Because of Gigabyte’s longstanding reputation in the market, it is always interesting to see what they come up with next. One product that has been making headlines since its’ release is the Gigabyte Z1 70x-Gaming G1 motherboard.

In summary, this board features high end audio design with OP-AMPs, two separate BIOSes with single BIOS option, two LAN configurations, and an inbuilt overclocking tool. These features, combined with the PLX PCIe chip, which supports Quad-SLi and Crossfire, makes it today’s high-end gaming solution for enthusiasts everywhere.

gigabyte z170 review


Specifications of the Gigabyte Z170x

  • CPU Support: 6th Gen Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors Pentium/Celeron Processors for the Socket LGA-1151.
  • Chipset: Intel Z170 Chipset.
  • Memory Slots: 4xDIMM, or 64GB.
  • Bios: Dual AMI UEFI BIOS with 2x 128 Mb Flash ROM.
  • Networking: 2x Killer E2400 Chips. One Killer Wireless AC 1535.

The full set of features and specifications can be viewed on the product’s listing page via Amazon. Interested shoppers are encouraged to carefully peruse the manufacturer’s website as well in order to get an in depth understanding of the capabilities of the board.

Performance of the Gigabtye Z170X-Gaming G1 Motherboard

Most verified purchasers on Amazon reported that they were very impressed with the board’s 3D positioning, as well as the option to change the OP-AMPs, as this is something that is largely unsupported by other motherboards in its’ price range.

The key advantage of the Gigabyte Z170x is its’ flexibility in terms of chipsets and components that you can use with it. The board is extremely feature rich and can easily be used in conjunction to high end graphics cards and solid state drives.

The extensive range of SATA Express Ports and dual M2 ports means that individuals will surely have all the drive connectivity that they need. One much loved feature about the board was the fact that you are able to customize the LED lights and color while the board is running.

It should be noted that a handful of individuals reported some issues using the board’s inbuilt overclocking feature, which was apparently much to the vexation of Gigabyte’s longstanding customers. This minor issue can be worked around with a sufficient amount of patience and knowledge, as well as the option to use third-party tools as opposed to the software that comes with the Z170X.

Most professional overclocking software can be used with ease to get the most out of the motherboard. Off the shelf solutions may not give you the rise in performance that you have been looking for, so serious PC enthusiasts are urged to look for top of the line products to squeeze as much performance as possible from the chipset.

The most recent benchmarks of this motherboard were promising, which highlights the board’s reliable construction. Unlike other recent introductions to the market, there were no voltage or memory issues reported by its’ customers, which could come as a relief to frustrated customers in the past.

The mobo is compatible with heavy duty power supplies and has numerous fail safes and backup options in the event of a power surge or sudden interruption of service. Users can easily customize the inbuilt safety system via the intuitive BIOS settings that can be accessed before you start the computer into windows.

Pros of the board

  • The Gigabyte Z1270x was built for gamers in mind with its inbuilt overclocking tools for maximum performance.
  • The board features USB 3.1, PCIe M.2, NVMe, and SATA Express slots.
  • Users can customize the board’s lighting, in terms of both brightness and color.
  • Dual-Phase DIMM VRM at all slots and at maximum cycles.
  • Fantastic software package that comes included.
  • Amazing audio performance.


  • Limited options for fan control.
  • Some users reported issues with the board’s automated overclocking feature.


Gigabyte’s Z170X-Gaming G1 is widely seen as the best gaming motherboard on the market today. It’s a board that you buy when you aren’t too concerned about price, as it is packed with features and endless options for customization.

Aside from the minor complaints made about the board’s overclocking feature, the Z170x has a lot to offer you in terms of features and raw power. The board provides four PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, which can allow you to run in x8 configuration for crazy four-way graphics card builds. Serious builders of PCs will enjoy its inbuilt Thunderbolt 3 functionality, which is due to the inclusion of Intel’s Alpine Ridge controller. There is also no shortage of potential storage options either with the boards three SATA Express connectors and ten SATA 6Gbps ports.

But perhaps the best feature of the board is its incredible inbuilt audio capabilities. The upgradable op-amps allow owners to customize it as they see fit, which can also make it an ideal fit for musicians and sound engineers.

The board also features DoubleShot-X3 Pro suite controllers and a Killer 1535 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter, which is more than enough for anyone who is into serious gaming or intensive PC use.

There are options for water cooling, which will be especially important for power users to ensure that their systems are stable when under a heavy load, which is not uncommon when attempting to run 4K games at the highest graphics settings.

In summary, Gigabyte’s Z170x is worth every penny if you know exactly why you are purchasing the board and also understand how to get the most out of it. There is simply no better option on the market today when it comes to purchasing a high performance motherboard.




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