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Antlion Audio ModMic Review

Microphones are no longer a ‘nice to have’ piece of gaming gear anymore, in fact, they are an absolute necessity! Gaming is now a social activity, which is a far cry from the images we once had of sitting in the dark, alone, curled up in our mothers’ basements. Thanks to voice chat platforms such

Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone Review

What we like: In terms of quality and price you can’t go wrong Sleek design and portable It’s compatible with iOS devices It features excellent recording quality for podcasts, gamers, vloggers, musicians and anyone else looking for an inexpensive digital mic What we don’t like: The plastic body is a little ‘iffy’ There have been

Zalman Zm-Mic1 Review

If you find yourself without a gaming microphone, then you’re in fit a bit of disappointment and frustration. After all, part of what makes gaming so fun to begin with is yelling all sorts of colorful adjectives at the other players in your game via voice chat. And if you’re a more well-mannered type of

Blue Yeti Microphone Review

YAY: Excellent sound quality You can choose between four polar patterns to give you the best recording quality You don’t need any additional equipment No installation needed – plug and play Excellent value for money We love the retro design THX certified NAY: The microphone is heavy, making it difficult to move around The stand

Blue Snowball Microphone Review

After extensive research, we know the best budget microphone on the market: the Blue Snowball. If you’ve ever thought about starting a podcast about your favorite TV show, recording a cover version of your favorite song for a friend, or saving time by writing with voice dictation software, you need a better mic than the