Are we living in the best time in history to be a PC gamer? Very possibly. Rigs are cheaper than ever, there’s so many triple A game releases few can keep up, and studios are putting a ton of money behind PC games. Plenty of gamers have foregone a console entirely, preferring to game solely on PC.

When you’re building your rig, here’s something important to consider: what are you going to put it on? You just spend upwards of $500-$5000 dollars—you can’t just leave your computer on the floor! A great desk needs to complement a great system. We’ve got you covered in this article. We’ll explain how to buy a good desk, our top 10 favorites, and which one you should buy depending on your gaming preferences.

We scoured all the online reviews of these desks and did our best to find the best match of price, features, construction and gaming-specific features. Not all of the desks we picked were designed solely for gaming, however they’re all a great fit for gamers who want a sturdy desk that can handle a high-powered computing machine.


Buying Guide

When you’re looking for the best gaming desk to buy, you could be spending up to $1000 dollars, so you want to find the best one to get your money’s worth. You want to consider the desk basics: does the desk fit your monitor? Does it fit your room? Is it ergonomic? How well does cable management work with your desk? Does it have all the game-centric features you desire? We go in more depth on each of these topics below.

Probably the number one concern for gamers buying a desk is how big is the table top and how many monitors can I put on it? If you’re running a duel monitor setup, then you’ll need a bigger desk that’s at least three feet long and two feet wide. Otherwise, it’s going to feel like your cramped and unable to put anything else on your desk, even something as simple as a few games. You also want to make sure your desk can support the weight of your monitor. Companies like Sony and Alienware are known for making particularly heavy monitors so if you going to get a new desk, measure them and make sure that desk can support them.

Speaking of space, you also want to make sure you room can easily support the space of your desk. If you can’t get to the desk easily, or if the outlets in your room aren’t situated for the shape of your desk, you’re not going to get much use out of the piece of furniture. Extension chords are only a temporary solution. It’s best to plug your machine directly into the wall to prevent surging. Make sure the desk you have is perfect for the space you’re putting it in. Also consider whether you’ll be playing games on wifi, or if you’re plugging an ethernet cable directly into your machine. If you’re doing the latter, you’ll want to make sure your port is close to where you’ll place your desk.

Ergonomics is important for wrist health and avoiding carpel tunnel. Does the desk you’re buying allow adjustable options to change the placement of devices so you can make sure you won’t hurt your arms while playing? Every gamer knows, once you start playing it’s pretty hard to stop. That’s why you want to make sure you have a desk that allows you to set the desk to your height, as well as a keyboard trey that allows you to put the keyboard right up to your arms. A good chair is also essential to ergonomics, but we’ll talk about that more in depth in another article.

Cable management and how you plug in your monitor, tower and other devices is essential for a great gaming rig. Can you plug in the computer without having to run the chords over the desk? Is there a way to keep the chords out of the way and off the floor so you don’t trip over them? Cable management is especially important in a tournament setting as well. Make sure the desk you pick has a cable strategy that you can easily replicate over and over again.

Style and special features are also important to gamers. A lot of gamers like a desk that lights up. We have one on our list. This is a cosmetic feature, of course, but a lot of competition is confidence, so if lights help you win games, then maybe they’re worth it. You’ll also get a lot of use out of a headphone hook and a game stand. These are two small features that aren’t worth the price of a desk alone. Yet when you find a desk that has these small touches, you’ll know the company has made the desk for gamers in mind.

There you have it! These are the things you’ll want to consider when you’re buying a desk solely for your gaming rig. You might find desks not on our list in stores or on specialty furniture sites. Evaluate them by these criteria and you’re sure to come up with a solution as to whether they’re a good fit for you.


Top 10 Gaming Desks

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best desks for gamers. While our number 1 pick is the fanciest of all gaming desks, we think all of these desks have something great to offer gamers. Read through the picks and figure which desk is best for you.


10) Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

best gaming desk

This solid wood desk is a great choice for gaming because of it’s space, construction and built in bookshelves. It’s large top surface is perfect for a three monitor setup, two-monitor, or one oversized monitor. It’s easy to string your chords through the desk, and keep them untangled and out of the way while you game. The shelves are also perfect for a gaming console, extra games, and any other accessories you might want when gaming. This desk also has a low price, so if you’re looking for a good budget option, this is a perfect pick for a really versatile desk. If you want a great starter desk, this is the one to pick.

Now there are some downsides to this desk, however. It’s not gaming specific, so it doesn’t have the features you’ll see on the rest of the desks on our list. It’s hard to move, so once you set it up you’ll want to leave it in place. Finally, it’s not especially ergonomic compared to other desks on our list. However, if you want a good gaming desk for a low price, this is a great option coming in as the budget pick on our list.


9) Tenive Ergonomic Corner Office Computer Desk Workstation

best desk for gaming

If you’re looking for a permanently placed desk that looks sleek and elegant in a corner of the room, look no further than the Tenive Ergonomic Corner Office Workstation. This desk is sturdy, big, and looks modern with a design made specifically to keep strain off your wrists. It’s frame is made of steel, so it’s not going to wobble or break down with use. Likewise, it’s very heavy, so you can feel the quality as you’re assembling it. The coolest feature of the Tenive is the CPU stand. You can put your tower right at your feet and the desk will keep it strapped in place. This is the most fragile part of your computer, so you want to make sure it’s well protected. The L shape of the desk gives you plenty of room for speakers, games, drinks and anything else you need while you play. That way, you won’t have a cluttered workspace while you’re trying to frag the enemy. The desk can hold up to 110 pounds, so if you want to do a three monitor setup or one big, heavy monitor, you’ll be able to do that and still have plenty of space left over for whatever else you need. Finally, the price of this desk is one of the most attractive on our list. For all the features included, you can’t beat the low price of this desk.

The one major downside of this desk is its lack of portability. This is definitely a permanent workstation. You won’t want to disassemble the desk and take it places because it would be a major hassle. If you’re looking for a gaming desk that’s good for tournament transportation, this is not the one for you. However, if you want a desk that’s great, big and made from high quality materials, this is the desk for you.


8) Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk

computer desk for gaming

Another metal, L-shaped desk comes in our list with a sleek, modern design, steel construction and designated places for all your gear. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one. There’s a pull-out drawer for your keyboard, a hardwood table top with plenty of room for as many monitors as you want to use, and an easy assembly so you can set up the desk right away. What might appeal most to the gamers are the footrests you can use to string chords through. These are a great way to make sure you won’t get your chords into a tangled mess and instead can easily access them if you want to bring your machine to a friend’s house or tournament. There’s even a small rack that’s perfect for game cases.

The downsides to this desk are it’s lack of portability and it’s lack of gaming specific features. Even though it isn’t a gaming-specific desk, the features, construction and price point make it great for gamers who want an L-desk to take up a corner of their room.


7) Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

gaming desk

This simple desk is great for gamers who want a workstation that’s easy to take on the go. The reason it’s called the “Origami” is because the desk opens and folds with ease. You can fold it entirely flat for storage under a bed or in a closet, and you can open it up quickly for a setup that’s a breeze. This is a great tournament desk because it’s easy to put in a car and even easier to set up when you’re at the arena. Plus, it has wheels on the legs, so portability is definitely this desk’s main advantage over the competition. It doesn’t even need tools for setup once you assemble it for the first time. It’s big enough to support a duel-rack monitor, and even a larger 32’’ monitor with plenty of room for all your other equipment. Another benefit of the RDE-01 is the footrest, which makes great use of space to ensure you won’t tire out your body while using the desk, while still having space for additional equipment like a computer tower.  Reviewers frequently mention that for the price, this desk offers an incredibly sturdy work station that’s very easy to move.

There are some drawbacks to the desk, however. It isn’t gaming specific, so it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles other desks on our list have. It also wouldn’t be best suited for a three monitor setup since it couldn’t hold the weight and would take up all of the table space. But, if you want a great desk that also works good for non-gaming purposes, this is a very affordable option that’s easy to move and assemble.


6) Studio RTA Producer Station Maple

computer desk

This producer’s desk is sort of an odd pick for a best gaming desks list—however, this desk has so much space, so many features, and such solid construction it makes a great choice whether you’re making a mixtape or blasting noobs on the battlefield. You get a lot of space with the Studio RTA, making it a great pick for a three monitor setup or a heavy monitor. The desk frame is made of steel, so it’s incredibly sturdy and will last for decades. There’s two shelves for towers, so you can choose the side you most prefer, or you can use two towers if you want to run two machines. The slide-out keyboard shelf makes it really easy to pick the best spot for work, so your wrists won’t get sore when you game. And since this is a music-production desk by design, you can bet that there’s designated spots for speakers making it easy to jam out and get immersed by a game’s epic sound design. Really, every feature you wanted in a good gaming desk (headphone hook, game shelf, large table-space) are all available in this desk.

The only downside then is the price. This is a professional-quality piece of furniture so it’s one of the more expensive picks on our list. However, as they say, you get what you pay for. So if you buy this great desk, you’ll be sure to have every feature you wanted and you’ll be able to use it for years. Check it out especially if you use your computer to game and make music.


5) E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table


This is certainly one of the coolest looking desks on the list. It has built-in glowing lights that give it a spaceship vibe. This also has the practical purpose of lighting up your space while gaming in the dark, so you can easily find your mouse, keyboard, etc. There’s four settings for the lights, so you can change it based on preference or room-brightness. The reason the desk is called “Wireless” isn’t because of some magic that allows you to use a computer without plugging it in (we wish!). Instead, it’s the wireless controls for your desk that allow you to change the light setting from afar. The desk is made of durable, medium-density fiberboard and it’s rounded corners and edges have the fine details that show the desk was built to last. The desk was also built for ergonomics in mind, as the screen placement is designed to avoid eye fatigue and the hand placement is built to avoid carpel tunnel.

There are some downsides to the E-Blue USA Gaming Desk. Firstly, it’s small. If you have any more than two monitors you’re going to be placing them off the edge of the desk (don’t do that!). Second, you have to plug the desk in to give it power to light up. The wireless designation is only for the remote, which allows you to change the light setting wirelessly. It’s priced well, and if you want a light-up desk for tournaments, this is the one to get.


4) Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

arozzi gaming desk

This sturdy desk doesn’t have a lot of extra perks, but it’s high-quality construction and adjustability makes it a great choice for gamers who just want a solid, stable desk. You get 14 square feet of desk, making this the perfect choice for huge monitors or three monitor setups. The desk also has a custom mouse pad covering the whole desk, so you can put your hands wherever they’re most comfortable/whatever works best for the game you’re playing. The top is microfiber cloth that’s water resistant and machine washable—no need to worry about spilling on the desk (but don’t spill on your electronics!). The Arena’s cable management lets you easily keep your plugs and chords out of the way, behind the desk and clipped in place, so you won’t tangle the chords or trip over them at night. The desk is adjustable in height and can be placed at the perfect position to stop strain on your wrists. Because of its simple design, you can easily fold up the two parts and move it—so it’s a great desk for tournaments if you’re doing competitive gaming. It’s also available in five different colors so you can pick the one you like best from blue, green, red, white and black.

The only problem with this desk is that it lacks some of the special features other desks on the list support. However, since it’s made with such precise quality, and gives you everything you really need for a gaming desk, you can probably make up for those features by buying your own headphone hook or cupholder. This classy, minimalist desk is one of the best gaming desks on the list.


3) Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass

top gaming desks

This best-selling desk is one of the highest reviewed desks on Amazon. Over 4000 people can’t be wrong, this desk has a lot of features, a sleek design, and incredibly, one of the lowest price points of any desk on our list. It’s polished, tempered safety glass tabletop is great for gaming because it allows good ventilation for your machine. Since you’ll be pushing your computer to the limit, it’s important to consider overheating so your machine doesn’t crash during a big match. It’s got a sliding keyboard trey and a CPU stand, two features usually exlusive to higher priced desks. The keyboard trey is great for limiting wrist strain, and the CPU stand makes it easy to store your tower without accidentally knocking it down or spilling on it. The Walker Edison Soreno is also sturdy, yet doesn’t take up as much space as an average L-shaped desk because of clever use of metal bars. Plus, the best feature is the price: you’re getting a top-quality desk for less than $100.

The problem with this desk is it’s not gaming specific, so you’ll probably want to add on a few things like a headphone hook, game shelf and gaming specific features if you’re going to use the desk solely for gaming. However, with the money you save buying the desk, that’s not such a bad tradeoff.


 2) Atlantic Gaming Desk

atlantic gaming desk

For the price, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is one of the best desks for gaming on the list. It’s a gaming-centric desk that’s got all the bells and whistles a gamer wants when buying a workstation for their setup. First, it’s made of steel-rods, so it’s sturdy, doesn’t wobble, and stands up right. It’s got a metallic steel and carbon fiber finish top so your electronics won’t get scratched up and it’s easy to dust and clean. It’s still lightweight, at only 40 lbs, so you can move it around the room if needed. It holds a monitor that’s up to 27’’. The gaming desk also has optimized cord placement to avoid tangling and grant users easy access to their plugs—there’s even a power strip holder to keep your plugs in place. There’s also a lot of gaming-specific compartments like a charging station for rechargeable devices, speaker treys for your sound system, a shelf for games and controllers, a hook for your headphones and even a cupholder for your drink. This is key, folks. If you spill even water on your electronics, you can ruin them. It’s details like a designated cup holder that show you how Atlantic knows gamers.

There are some downsides to this desk, however. First, it’s small, so if you want two monitors or one big monitor, this isn’t the desk for you. Second, it doesn’t have wheels. That’s a small issue, but if you want to move it that will require to take everything off the desk. These are small issues though, especially because of the low price of this desk. It makes it the second best gaming desk on our list.


1) Volair Sim Universal Flight or Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis with Triple Monitor Mounts

volair gaming desk

This computer station is the gamer’s delight. Calling it a desk is misleading, as it’s made solely for gaming. Volair designed this cockpit simulator as the best possible desk for racing and flying sim games. It’s durable steel frame and fully-adjustable racing seat feels like a real cockpit. The design of this desk is sturdy, weighing up to 130 pounds in box. It’s got a mounting system for one 50’’ monitor or three 32’’ monitors, giving you a full 180 degree viewing radius. There are few gaming desks (in fact, we didn’t find one) that are more immersive than this one. It’s got pre-drilled spaces for shifters and throttle quadrants, trim wheels, as well as a foot rest for racing foot petals. The station was designed for every brand of control setup you’d want for a racing simulator: Saitek, Thrustmaster, Logitech, you name it. If they’re a big name in the racing simulator game, you can use them with your Volair. Plus, you have a keyboard and mouse stand to allow you to play other games as well, shooters, RTS, and retro games are all fun in this computer station.

There are some downsides, however. First, the price is very high—clocking in at the highest on our list. This station also takes up a lot of floor space and it’s not optimal for working on regular computer tasks. It’s definitely a big, fun, highly-specific toy. However, if you want the coolest possible gaming rig, you want the Volair. It’s so immersive, reviewers claim it feels like playing in VR without a headset. It tops out or list for the best gaming desk available. Maybe it has more than you need in your gaming setup, so you can’t justify the high price. However, you won’t find a gaming desk with more features or immersion than this one.



Now, you’re just about ready to pick the right gaming desk. Let’s go over what this article talked about once more so you make the right choice.

First, when you’re picking out a desk, keep these things in mind: tabletop, floorspace, cable management, ergonomics, style and special features. If you check out these specific attributes, you’ll be able to tell whether the desk is a good fit for gamers.

We went through a variety of great desks in our top ten list. The first three, 10-8, are all L-shaped desks. These are all great if you want a desk that doesn’t need to move. They have a ton of space for your monitors, and they’re very sturdy so they’ll stick around for a while.

If you need a desk that’s great for travel, try the Origami desk, clocking in at number 7 on our list. This desk folds up easily so you can bring it with you wherever you want. Number 4 on our list, the Arena desk, is also great for travel.

Number 6 on our list is a pricey desk, but it has every feature you could hope for when buying a computer desk—even more features than your average gaming desk. Then, our 5-1 spots are all gaming specific desks. The E-Blue has a the awesome perk of lighting up with a wirelessly controlled lighting rig. Number 4 is maybe the sturdiest desk on our list, though it is light on features. Number 3 is a great L-desk for a great deal, providing the most bang for your buck of any desk on the list. Finally, Number 2, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is probably our best all-around gaming desk for the price. And Number 1, the Volair, is an amazing gaming rig that can’t be topped by anything else currently on the market—but it is expensive and takes up a lot of space.

Which ever you choose, you’ll get a great desk for your gaming machine and you’ll have all the features needed to game like a pro. Happy gaming!