ASUS VG278HV Monitor Review

ASUS VG278HV Gaming Monitor

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The Good:


  • Excellent quality and value for money
  • The 144hz refresh rate 1ms response time means a smooth gaming experience
  • Sleek design and a good size monitor that meets most pro gamers’ needs
  • The ASUS VG278HV features Splendid Video Intelligence technology


The Not So Good:

  • The monitor doesn’t include any adaptive sync technology which means there might be occasional tearing issues
  • A few users have mentioned the colors not being accurate and unrealistic looking, but this can be rectified with some fine-tuning

Professional gamers live in a pixelated world and what they expect from their gaming equipment is very different to a ‘normal’ PC user’s needs. From the hard drive and the mouse to the ergonomic chair, everything needs to work together to ensure an optimal gaming session. Even, or rather, especially, the monitor needs to be adjustable for the type of game being played, and the image clarity should be top-notch, which brings us to our ASUS VG278HV gaming monitor review.

The ASUS VG278HV Gaming Monitor

If you’re looking for a quality gaming monitor we suggest the ASUS VG278HV. It’s an excellent choice that costs a lot less than some of the high-end screens currently available on the market, and while you might think the affordable price means it’s not as good as other monitors, it’s definitely not the case. The ASUS VG278HV offers a range of high-end features that’ll take your gaming experience to an entirely new level.

Aimed at pro-gamers the VG278HV has some nifty features like Splendid Video Intelligence technology, a 144Hz refresh rate and an ergonomic design for epic gaming sessions. There are a few issues when it comes to certain viewing angles, tearing and a limited color gamut of 72%, but they are issues that can be overlooked when you consider all the things the monitor does offer.


An Amazing 144Hz Rapid Refresh Rate

Any gamer knows the importance of a rapid refresh rate and quick response time and the ASUS VG278HV exceeds all expectations in this department. For FPS, real-time and strategy games as well as eSports titles, the monitor gives you a 144Hz rapid refresh rate and a 1ms response time for crisp gameplay, which makes the world of difference to a gamer who likes to stand out from the rest and win.

Another feature that makes this monitor a winner in our opinion is the Splendid Video Intelligence technology. Exclusive to ASUS, it offers a number of pre-set modes and makes switching between color settings a breeze. These modes are:

  • Game
  • Scenery
  • Night view
  • Standard
  • Theater
  • sRGB
  • Darkroom
  • Reading


Each of these has their own default settings that lets you adjust everything from the sharpness, and color temperature, to the brightness and contrast. In each of the modes you’re able to make even more changes, and there’s a reset option to return to the default settings. There is also a contrast ratio of 50 000 000:1 and the brightness is a solid 300 cd / m2, which basically means the clarity is very good, as is the color adjustability of the monitor.

The ASUS 27” HD screen has a 1920×1080 resolution and the images are super sharp, even for the most-hard to please of players and the speed, response rate, and picture quality all mean a gamer can’t blame lagging or faulty equipment on a shoddy performance.


Ergonomic Design

As a gamer, or if you have one in the family, you know some games can go on for hours at a time and if your set-up isn’t a comfortable one, there’s a good chance you’re going to get uncomfortable quickly. Not with the ASUS VG278HV gaming monitor. It’s eSports ready for marathon sessions and the monitor’s stand has been designed to tilt, swivel and pivot. According to some users, the height adjustment is limited, but we think it can be adjusted enough to get a more comfortable angle. Another added bonus is that it can be mounted on a wall should space be limited on your desk, or anywhere else, for that matter.


All you need to know is that this monitor is tournament ready, has a 144Hz refresh rate as well as a 1ms response rate. It includes built-in speakers and the stand is ergonomically designed for you to adjust, swivel or tilt it.

If you like discussing monitor specs and features over a cup of coffee then it’s best you don’t get this monitor. However, if you like us, prefer quality over quantity (as in features and price) then you can bet your lives on the ASUS VG278HV being the best gaming monitor for you.


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