ASUS PB328Q Monitor Review

ASUS PB328Q Monitor For Gaming Review

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Your choice of gaming monitor affects more than just how much you can see on your screen. Certain models have more or less pixels and viridity of colors than others, as well as boasting some helpful features to squeeze as much as performance as possible from your graphics card.

For these reasons, it’s paramount that you choose a monitor that is more than just a nice looking desktop ornament. You’ll also need to find something that’s on par with your graphics card. So, for example, if you dropped a fat wad of cash for the latest GPU, you’ll definitely want a monitor that can push your card to its limits.

A great choice for the budget and high performance gamers alike is the ASUS P328Q.


The PB328Q from ASUS is one of their professional models that measures at 32 inches wide and supports 2560×1440 resolutions at full 2k high definition.

But just because the monitor is wide, it doesn’t mean that it’s at all unsightly or displeasing to look at. In fact, most gamers agree that the PB328Q is one of the most well designed monitors released this year. The monitor’s great looks are due to its narrow frame and ergonomic design so you can get the perfect viewing angle no matter where you sit.

Unlike other gaming monitors on the market, this model features a 178/178 degree viewing angle that eliminates color shifting for excellent visual performance. This is coupled with its flicker-free protection and low blue light that makes it perfect for extended gaming sessions late at night.

In addition to being easy on the eyes both in terms of aesthetics and performance, the PB328Q also comes with a bunch of user-friendly design features such as a narrow bezel, quick release stand, and a 5-way OSD navigation joystick.


So now we’re really getting down to the brass tacks of what makes this model such an outstanding choice for gamers everywhere.

Below you will find a list of performance features that are arguably worth buying this monitor alone:

  • True Consistent Color: Unlike most other gaming monitors that only offer a pithy 16.7 million colors, (which isn’t a lot) the PB328Q has over 1.07 billion. This means you’ll be able to see all of the details of games in vibrant detail, leaving nothing out or to the imagination.
  • 10-bit color for smoother gradations: Getting the ideal contrast ratio can be major pain in the ass, especially when looking for that sneaky adversary camping in the shadows. This problem is a thing of the past thanks to the PB328Q’s gamma curve, allowing for more gradations of brightness that can improve your visibility.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: As stated previously, you get a full 178 degree viewing angle with the PB328Q, which means you can use monitor for any conceivable purpose, including watching movies that all your friends and family can enjoy.
  • See Better and Wider: The monitor’s extra wide screen allows you to see more of your game in real-time and without sacrificing on quality. The monitor’s crisp and vivid details can give you the winning edge over your competitors, as well as being simply more enjoyable to look at.
  • Made for Work and Play: Having a wider screen also means that you can do more with your desktop. No longer will you have the problem of too many minimized windows or having to use extended displays. The PB328Q has more than enough room to perform even the most complex of tasks with ease.
  • Hassle-free setting: One of the drawbacks of having so many different options and settings to choose from is actually getting them to work as you want them to. The good news is that this is not a problem with the PB328Q, as all the settings can be adjusted while on the fly via its intuitive user interface and buttons at the back of the screen.
  • ASUS Eye Care Technology: We all know that our eyesight is one of the most important senses that we can take care of, especially coming into our formative years and old age. ASUS takes the safety of their user’s eyes very seriously, as this monitor free from flickers, and emits a low amount of blue light to reduce eyestrain and irritation.


In summary, the PB328Q is one of the most recommended gaming monitors today. It comes loaded with helpful features to help you get the most out of your video card, as well as delivering a huge amount of utility.

The PB32Q could be the model that you have been looking for if you are in the market for a middle of the road option that delivers outstanding performance in a reasonably priced package.

The monitor is currently being sold through Amazon at a discounted price, so interested shoppers should take advantage of the company’s discount while they still can.

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