Asrock G41C-GS Motherboard Review

Asrock G41C-GS Review

Asrock G41C-GS Gaming Motherboard

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What we liked:

  • This is one of the only micro ATX LG775 motherboards still available
  • It comes in at a decent price
  • Very easy to install and set-up
  • Users like the combination of DDR2 and DDR3
  • It’s the motherboard of all motherboards – no frills, no hassle
  • Does what it says it will

What we didn’t like:

  • Users have mentioned the layout of the CPU fan hinders rear-case installation, which can lead to it overheating
  • While there are 4 slots, only 2 are DIMM slots for RAM, which is less than other mobos
  • The slot for video cards feels very confined
  • There is no HD audio for surround sound, which is problematic for serious gamers

The Motherboard

A PC is made up of a whole lot of parts, that all work independently to give you the very best possible performance. For example, the RAM and CPU give it power while the video card allows you to play games and the Ethernet jacket is its lifeline. However, it’s the motherboard or mobo that pulls all the elements together.

Asrock has been manufacturing motherboards since 2002 and is one of the world’s top 3 mobo manufacturers and brands. Whether it’s for mainstream or specialized use.

Considered to be a legacy motherboard, the Asrock G41C-GS has an Intel G41 chipset, which basically means it’s compatible with outdated parts only. In other words, it’s not going to to be the best choice for a typical PC builder. While its target is limited to the memory lover in every gamer, there’s still a demand for it, with sellers often out of stock.

Why buy a motherboard with limited compatibility? Obviously, the Asrock G41C-GS gaming motherboard didn’t start out that way, in fact, it was one of the few combo mobos that featured dual support for DDR2 and DDR3. This innovative technology allows you to upgrade your existing DDR2 memory to DDR3 with the minimum amount of effort, and frustration.

Through trial and error, and with a lot of technical obstacles, Asrock found a way for users to turn on their computers and boot up to Windows in a matter of seconds. This unique feature not only increases boot-up speed, it also provides clean OS and saves power.

Onboard Graphics

While the Asrock G41C-GS  works with graphics-integrated CPUs, if you’re going to be using the motherboard for gaming we suggest you get a dedicated video card (GPU). The onboard video as it currently stands is perfect if you’re just wanting to display graphics on the screen but it’s definitely not going to work for you if you want incredible gaming-quality images. Also, if you spend time doing video production we recommend using a GPU for HD graphics.

Onboard Audio

As is the case with the onboard graphics, as far as audio goes, the Asrock G41C-GS has a 5.1-Channel VIA VT1705 sound processor, which is compatible with most surround sound systems. What this means is if you’re using your PC for professional audio production you should seriously think about a third-party sound card. Even though the existing onboard audio is sufficient, it’s not going to do if you need HD quality sound. This is something a few users mentioned as a con so it wasn’t a big surprise for us while we were testing it.

The Asrock G41C-GS has 4 slots but you can only use two at a time. It’s also important to remember 2 are for DDR2 and the other 2 are for DDR3. At first, this might seem like a problem but if you want to upgrade to the faster DDR3 you won’t need to buy a new mobo. Another negative, although not a deal-breaker, is the RAM can’t exceed 8GB.


Released way back when in 2012, the Asrock G41C-GS gaming motherboard isn’t going to be winning awards for its good looks, and it’s too old to be the talk of the town. However, it is a hardworking motherboard that still, after all these years, features a good design, is easy to install and it works well. Its key selling point is that it supports a wide range of RAM and other processors with different frequencies.

Not for the average PC builder, the Asrock G41C-GS gaming motherboard is versatile and worth getting your hands on, if you’re lucky enough to still find one.


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